Hi R-Community!

You were so many and so enthusiast at our last MilanoR meeting, we really felt your support and our speakers did that too!

Hosted by Microsoft and Quantide, our sponsors, we explored two different fields, Information retrieval and Strategic Price Positioning.

For those of you who couldn't make it, here's a brief resume of what we talked about :) .

Information Retrieval: Semantic Web Technologies and Wikidata from R - Goran S. Milovanović

Did you know there's a Wkipedia of datasets? And you can explore it using semantic technologies and custom API? Goran Milovanović, Data scientist for Wikidata at Wikimedia Deutschland, took us into this new world of opportunities, showing us how you can approach WikiData and Wikiktionary datasets and the R packages you need in order to do this.

Here's the resources you need to dive into this topics:

How Advanced Analytics may support strategic price positioning - Alberto Oltolini and Edoardo Oliveri

Alberto Oltolini (Data Scientist at Campari) and Edoardo Oliveri(Data Scientist at SDG Group) showed us how to harness the potential of your company data, and how to use machine learning in order to know the market in which your product is more profitable, how will it perform in the next months and how to choose the right pricing in different countries and markets.


Cool, how can i stay updated for the next event?

You can signup on our meetup page , or subscribe to our newsletter, all fun and no spam!


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