Hi, everyone! Do you feel the summeR in the air?
It's the ideal time for our 10th MilanoR Meeting!

A MilanoR meeting is an occasion to bring together R users in the Milano area to share knowledge and experiences. The meeting is a free event, open to everybody. The meeting consists of some R talks and a free buffet + networking time.

This time some excellent speakers are joining us to explore two different fields, Information retrieval and Strategic Price Positioning.

Our first guest is Goran S. Milovanović, Data scientist for Wikidata at Wikimedia Deutschland, and owner of DataKolektiv consultancy firm; Goran will show how he works and deals with the most complex datasets now present (Wikidata and Wiktionary), blending together Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Semantic Web Technologies. Goran will also introduce us to the {newsrivr} package – an R wrapper around the Newsriver API - to conduct news search and collect text corpora, developed by Mike Page, Data Scientist at DataKolektiv.

Then, Alberto Oltolini (Data Scientist at Campari) and Edoardo Oliveri (Data Scientist at SDG Group) will focus on Machine Learning and its application in Strategic Price Positioning. Together they will show us how to build a machine learning model that can drive strategic business decisions, guiding you through the definition of the right pricing strategy.

So, are you up for some good time togetheR? We certainly are!



Tuesday, June 25, 2019

from 7,00 to 9,30 pm


Talk: Information Retrieval: Semantic Web Technologies and Wikidata from R

by Goran S. Milovanović and Mike Page

Talk: How Advanced Analytics may support strategic price positioning:

 by Alberto Oltolini and Edoardo Oliveri


Microsoft House
Viale Pasubio 21, Milano



Our sponsors will provide a free buffet!




MilanoR Meeting is a free event, open to all R users and enthusiasts or those who wish to learn more about R.

Seats are limited so if you would like to attend the meeting, you must register here!

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Can i know something more about the talks?

Information Retrieval: Semantic Web Technologies and Wikidata from R

Semantic Web databases and technologies provide powerful means to improve upon the existing data sets and methods in Data Science. Goran will show us an use case designed to demonstrate a number of critical problems in data acquisition, transformation, and matching from a knowledge database; he will try to enhance a topic model of a technology businesses related news text corpus by matching the most important concepts present in it against Wikidata entities. He will also present a gift: the {newsrivr} package – an R wrapper around the Newsriver API - to conduct news search and collect text corpora, developed by Mike Page for the purposes of the projects that we will discuss in this talk.

How Advanced Analytics may support strategic price positioning

CPGs are usually willing to increase profitability of their products through a raise in gross profit margin rather than sold quantity. This strategy, may be simply pursued through a price increase or a discount reduction that may result in a decrease of sold quantity with unexpected effects on gross margin. Advanced Analytics is able to compute a machine learning model able to predict sold quantity given price, along with other endogenous variables, to determine a proper pricing strategy.

Then, as always, free food and chat <3


So, who are the speakers?

Goran is Data scientist for Wikidata at Wikimedia Deutschland and owner of DataKolektiv consultancy firm. He has a strong, hands-on experience in experimental behavioral studies (> 20 yrs. of experience) and survey methodology. He has managed different international research teams and projects, teaching R, methodology, statistics, and psychology . 

Mike is a junior data scientist at DataKolektiv and R specialist, with particular interests in natural language processing and web scraping. Mike is deeply passionate about open source development and is currently involved in different open source projects.

Alberto is Data Scientist at Campari, with a strong focus on Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling. He graduated in Economics and Econometrics from Warwick University and in Advanced Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Edoardo is Data Scientist at SDG Group, acting as a consultant for different companies in the food and fashion industry. He has a master's degree from IE Business School di Madrid.

And the sponsors?

Quantide is a provider of consulting services and training courses about Data Science and Big Data. It’s specialized in R, the open source software for statistical computing. Headquartered in Legnano, near Milan (Italy), Quantide has been supporting for 10 years customers from several industries around the world. Quantide is the founder and the supporter of the Milano R meeting, since its first edition in 2012.

Microsoft - Well, who doesn't know Microsoft? You'll be glad to know that Microsoft develops Microsoft R Open, formerly known as Revolution R Open (RRO), the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation. It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science. It complements and completes the Data Platform offering from Microsoft that is well described and accessible inside Azure AI.


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