Dear R users and enthusiasts,
MilanoR staff announces the MilanoR meeting scheduled on Friday May 30 is postponed, due to a strike.

The 5th MilanoR meeting will be on Wednesday 4 June, at 6 pm.

The meeting will take place at:
Fiori Oscuri Bistrot & Bar (
Via Fiori Oscuri, 3 - Milano (Zona Brera)


  • Singular Spectrum Analysis Applications with rssa package
    by Maurizio Sanarico, Chief Data Scientist at SDG consulting
  • Business Data Visualization (and some fun too!) with ggplot2
    Video conference by Marco Ghislanzoni, Marketing Program Manager at Royal DSM
  • Replica, an open source distributed system for the R environment
    by Davide Dal Farra, codref*


Revolution Analytics    Quantide

How to attend?

MilanoR is a free event, open to all R users and enthusiasts or those who wish to learn more about R. Places are limited so, if you would like to attend to the MilanoR meeting, please register below. Meeting we’ll be free of charge, our sponsors will provide the open bar session.

(if you're reading this post from a news feed, e.g. from R-bloggers, please visit the original post in the MilanoR website to see the form and subscribe the event)

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