The 7th MilanoR Meeting went great, you were 45 and  we were glad of the influx and the interest you've shown for the two talks.

The MilanoR Facebook page was there with us to support the event with the live streaming and it's growing fast:check it out to be always updated on event, new articles and future meetings about R.

We have collected all slides and materials of the meeting for you and now they're available online, you can find them down below.

downloadWelcome presentation

by Mariachiara Fortuna, Quantide



Talk 1: R and Big Data

Interactive big data analysis with R: SparkR and MongoDB: a friendly walkthrough

                        by Thimoty Barbieri, Marco Biglieri


immagine-video    Talk 1: R and Big Data

    Video presentation: Interactive Data Analysis with SparkR



Talk 2: R and Statistical Learning

Power consumption prediction based on statistical learning techniques 

                        by Davide Pandini

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