This is an update on the 7h MilanoR meeting and MilanoR new Facebook page.

You would like to attend the meeting but could not get a ticket? Follow the live event online!

A few days after the announcement of the meeting, all of the tickets were already booked, leaving many interested people without the opportunity to attend. There have been a lot of requests for more tickets but sadly the space is limited therefore they are very likely to remain unfulfilled. This is, of course, a bad news for those who would like to attend the event but could not get a ticket, on the other hand though it is a positive feedback on the growing interest around R and its community.

In order to compensate for the lack of additional tickets, the MilanoR staff has decided to live stream the event online so that everyone can attend the two main talks.

Where and when you can watch the event

The live event will be streamed on the new MilanoR Facebook page at around 6.30 PM on Thursday 27th October. Just go on MilanoR’s Facebook page and check out the live event.

If you would like to know more about the event and the talks, you can check out the official schedule here.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment, ask questions and share your observations.

Sidenote on the new Facebook page

As just mentioned above, MilanoR has just created its very own Facebook page as a new way to promote the R community further. On the page you will find R related news, articles, useful resources, such as the new free R introductory course and other news from the community. Check it out and feel free to contribute with your comments and suggestions.

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