MilanoR Staff is happy to announce the 8th MilanoR Meeting!

A MilanoR meeting is an occasion to bring together R users in the Milano area to share knowledge and experiences. The meeting is a free event, open to everybody. The meeting consists of two R talks and a free buffet + networking time.

This time we have two exceptional speakers: Romain François, historical author of the famous package Rcpp, and Stefano Iacus, member of the R Foundation and co-founder of Voices from the blogs.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

from 6,00 to 9 pm


Welcome Presentation 

by Quantide

Talk 1: R and C++: past, present and future

by  Romain François

Talk 2: yuimaGUI a Shiny app for the analysis and simulation of financial time series

by Stefano Iacus


Microsoft House
Viale Pasubio 21, Milano



Our sponsors will provide the buffet after the meeting.


MilanoR Meeting is a free event, open to all R users and enthusiasts or those who wish to learn more about R.

Places are limited so, if you would like to attend to the MilanoR meeting, please register here.

------ FAQ

I want to know more about the talks..

R and C++: past, present and future: Combining the comfort of R with C++ is a very popular way to achieve better performance for critical code. We will review the current state of the art with Rcpp and its family of packages and share some insights on how we imagine the future of R and C++ integration and the challenges it represents.

yuimaGUI a Shiny app for the analysis and simulation of financial time series: The yuimaGUI is an interactive dashboard developed on top of the yuima package, which is an S4 framework for the simulation and inference of several classes of time series widely used in finance and derivate pricing. The yuimaGUI makes easy and accessible to a wider audience the data I/O from many sources, the explorative data analysis and model fitting and selection using information criteria. Scenarios simulation based on the fitted models as well as Monte Carlo analysis is also available at the cost of few additional clicks. yuimaGUI is joint Project with E. Guidotti and L. Mercuri

..and the speakers..

Romain François is a consulting datactive at ThinkR ( Romain has been professionally involved in the R community for more than 10 years offering training and consulting services. As an historical author of Rcpp, Romain is dedicated to offering practical and seemless solutions to leverage the high performance that C++ has to offer to the R community.

Stefano Iacus is full professor of statistics the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods at the University of Milan. He has been a member of the R Core Team (1999-2014) for the development of the R statistical environment and now member of the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. He is also a co-founder of VOICES from the Blogs, a startup company of the University of Milan, specialised in Social Media and Big Data Analysis. His research interests include inference for stochastic processes, simulation, computational statistics, causal inference, text mining, and sentiment analysis.

...and the sponsor..

Quantide is a provider of consulting services and training courses about Data Science and Big Data. It’s specialized in R, the open source software for statistical computing. Headquartered in Legnano, near Milan (Italy), Quantide has been supporting for 10 years customers from several industries around the world. Quantide is the founder and the supporter of the Milano R meeting, since its first edition in 2012.

Microsft - Well, who dosn't know Microsoft? But may be of interest that Microsoft develops Microsoft R Open, formerly known as Revolution R Open (RRO), the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation. It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science. It complements and completes the Data Platform offering from Microsoft that is well described and accessible in Azure, the Microsoft Cloud, via Cortana Intelligence Suite.

For any further informations you can contact us at

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