Hello R-users <3

The 8th MilanoR Meeting was great! Thank you very much for your interest and participation!

A short recap for those who weren't there: the meeting was last Wednesday evening at the Microsoft House (a very nice location, thanks @dr_mattia for your support!).

We had two exceptional speakers: Stefano Iacus, member of the R Foundation and funder of Voices from the blogs, and Romain François, historical author of the package Rcpp and data active at Thinkr, who came all the way from Paris for us.

The event started with my quick presentation about our MilanoR community and our upcoming events: if you want to take a look, here it is.

downloadWelcome Presentation 

by Mariachiara Fortuna


Then it was the turn of Stefano, that introduced us the yuima package, a powerful S4 framework for the simulation and inference of several classes of time series. On the top of the yuima package, Stefano and his collaborators built a great interactive dashboard, yuimaGUI, that makes accessible to a wider audience the data I/O, the explorative data analysis and model fitting. The youima package and the related app look very powerful: if you want to be introduced to their potentialities, the presentation is wide and deep.

downloadyuimaGUI a Shiny app for the analysis and simulation of financial time series

by Stefano Iacus


Then Romain François gave us the chance of watching under the R surface, to the C++ deep layer. Romain told us about the past and the state of the art of R-C++ relationship, in a surprisingly clear and accessible way. Then he shared with us some insights on how he imagines the future of R and C++ integration and the challenge it represents: you can find more or less everything in the presentation here, or you may follow this link.

downloadR and C++: past, present and future

by Romain François


The meeting ended with a free refreshment and some networking time - you can see everything from the pictures 🙂

This time we were able to have a Facebook streaming during the meeting, so the full recording is available in our Facebook channel. Thanks @Akiro for the perfect quality!

immagine-videoMeeting full video



We are grateful to our sponsors, Quantide and Microsoft, that made possible all of this, to Stefano and Romain that shared their knowledge with us, and to all of you that were there. Thank you so much, and hope to see you soon at the R-Lab#2 (today)!

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