R User Group of Milano (Italy)

"Advanced R" Course - November 15-16, 2012

Milano R net, in collaboration with Quantide, organizes
"Advanced R" Course
November 15-16, 2012

Course description
This course is designed for those already using R and willing to gain a more in depth perspective of R working mechanism along with an overview of several advanced topics ranging from "S4 programming frame" to parallel computation.

Course outline
How R works
Inside R Functions
Vectorized Calculation
Methods and classes
Debugging and Exceptions
Invoking R
Parallel Computation
System and foreign language interfaces
Creating R packages

Course location
Hotel Michelangelo; Via Scarlatti, 33; Milano (near Central Railway Station)

Course language
Course will be held in Italian. Course material will be in English.

Course price
Commercial: 680,00 EUR (plus VAT). No profit and academic: 480,00 EUR (plus VAT)
Price includes coffee breaks and lunches.
10% discounts for 2 participants of the same company (commercial attendees only)
20% discounts for 3 participants of the same company (commercial attendees only)
For 4 or more participants of the same company or no profit institution, please contact us

Course time
November 15-16, 2012 from 9.00 to 17.30.

Course material
The course material will be provided during the course.

Information and bookingstraining@quantide.com


  1. Massimo Salese /

    Scala Votazione da 1 a 10
    Luogo Del Corso 10
    Accoglienza 10
    Contenuti 8
    Simpatia 15*
    Consiglieresti ad altri i corsi Quantide? Assolutamente SI
    Parteciperesti ad altri corsi? SI
    Come sviluppatore avrei preferito una maggior profondità sulle seguenti sezioni:
    - OOP S4
    - interfaccia con C
    - debugging R with compiled code

    Un'idea per corsi futuri potrebbe essere quella di insegnare come sviluppare interfacce utenti usando R

  2. Great course!
    Congratulations to Andrea, Nicola and Alberto for being able to generate interest in the audience for the full 16 hours of the course—not an easy task in my opinion.

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