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Chronicles from useR! - summing up

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in R blog | 0 comments

Dear R users, Here you are my last post on the useR! in Aalborg in which I will try to sum up what emerged from the conference, at least from my point of view since I wasn't able to take part to all Contributed Talks: I unfortunately still haven't the gift of ubiquity. My colleague at Quantide, Nicola, will publish his contribute next week. First of all, I would say, if it were necessary, that dplyr is really spreading a lot all over the world: this package was present in lots of the Contributed Talks and was also underlined by Romain...

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Chronicles from useR! - "the funny side"

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Dear R users, ten days after the conference here you are still one post to describe, through a miscellanea, some not less interesting things of the useR in Aalborg... First of all let me and my colleague Nicola thank Google Maps: without it we would seriously risk to miss our flight from Milan Linate's airport since on the usual way from Padua to Milan a big accident occurred. Already as landing in Denmark we saw a first very curious thing: the airport of Aalborg is in the middle of the countryside and while landing a tractor had to yield to...

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Chronicles from useR! - day 3

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I survived to the Conference Dinner and I took the last bus (you should have participated at useR or read the post of day 2 to understand...), and this morning I woke up in Aalborg for the third (and last) time. After a keynote session by Thomas Lumley on How flexible computing expands what an individual can do, my colleague Enrico and I attended the Sponsor Session. This was one of the most interesting sessions of the conference, because they showed us a lot of tools for using R in business environments. The only Diamond Sponsor was...

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Chronicles from useR! - day 2

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As written by my colleague Nicola in the post of day 1, yesterday evening I had some beers with some guys of the conference. After having seen the sunrise, I went to sleep at 3 AM, but anyway this morning I was ready for the second day of the useR! After a keynote session by Di Cook on the main interactive plotting methods which have been used with S and R in the last twenty years, I attended the Regression session, where I saw two interesting developments of LMMs and GLMMs besides other specific topics. Nicola, instead, went to Commercial...

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Chronicles from useR! - day 1

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Today I woke up for the first time in Aalborg. My colleague Enrico, who yesterday wrote the first post about this expedition, and I left from the hotel, walked through an underpass and came out in a wonderful park! In the end of this park there is the Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, the conference venue. The first keynote speaker was Romain François, who shared with us some of his experiences with Rcpp, RcppParallel and dplyr. After that we had a tasty coffee break sponsored by Quantide. Then I attended the Reproducibility session, where...

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Chronicles from useR! - day 0

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in R blog | 0 comments

Today my Quantide's colleague Nicola Sturaro and I came to Aalborg, Denmark, to the useR! conference. We landed late, thus we were able only to participate to the welcome reception in the evening and not to the tutorials in the afternoon too. Anyway, it has been a nice chance to meet other useRs, taste Danish food and drink beer. Tomorrow the conference will be really getting going and we will keep you aware. Furthermore Quantide will be the official sponsor of tomorrow morning's coffee break. You can't miss it!...

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R and package masking - a real life example

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in R blog | 1 comment

From original post @http://analyticsblog.mecglobal.it/en/analytics-tools/masked-r-packages/ Very often, in our coding life, we forget one very simple yet important point to take care to: the importance of conflicts between packages. When you load a library in best case the command line is executed with no problem. However, the console is sometimes stuffed with red messages that we often ignore, moreover when the function we need reach the desired goal. Sooner or later during your R-user life you could stack in an error, and you could get...

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Adobe Sitecatalyst API and R: integrate reports with the SAINT classification file

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in R blog | 0 comments

From original post @ http://analyticsblog.mecglobal.it/en/analytics-tools/adobe-sitecatalyst-api-in-r/ Are you a heavy user of Sitecatalyst and the very famous R package RSitecatalyst to analyze your web analytics data and make insightful vizualitations? Or wonder why the hell do you need to download lots of excel files to get a simple report from Adobe cloud? Well today, we are going to solve a problem that everyone whos into reporting face all day. We'll show you what to do in order to provide analysts with more time to concentrate on the...

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R Machine Learning Essentials

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in R blog | 0 comments

This week, the post is an interview with Michele Usuelli. Michele is the author of the book "R Machine Learning Essentials". Hi, Michele. Welcome back to MilanoR. You're the second author of this blog, after Max Marchi, who wrote a book about R. How has this idea started? Everything started when Pack Publishing contacted me on LinkedIn out of the blue. First, they proposed me to write a book about a well-know R tool to build charts: the ggplot2 package. Since I was more interested in writing about Machine Learning techniques rather than an R...

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Bash+R: howto pass parameters from bash script to R

Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in R blog | 2 comments

From original post @ http://analyticsblog.mecglobal.it/analytics-tools/bashr/ In the world of data analysis, the term automation runs hand in hand with the term “scripting”. There’s not the best programming language, only the most suitable to perform the required function. In our case, many data aggregation procedures are run from unix/linux servers, collecting API data in real time, so it becomes essential to make sure that data is formatted and correctly stored for the analysis/visualization needs. In our case some automatic procedures run...

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