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Romain Francois at MilanoR meeting

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Romain Francois is a 32-years old R developer and consultant. He defines himself a "Professional R Enthusiast" and r-enthusiasts.com is his website. He co-authored several R packages, such as dplyr and Rcpp. Romain Francois writes a world famous blog about R and the R Graph Gallery, that showcases hundreds of examples of data visualization with R. I am honored to announce that Romain Francois is the special guest of the next MilanoR...

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R Package or Library

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In these days, I was talking about an R package I developed with a colleague. He used several times the word library to refer to the R package. So, I realized that many R users do not know that package and library are not synonymous when referring to R. The "Writing R Extensions" manual is clear: "A package is not a library", although the same manual admits "this is a persistent mis-usage". What is a package An R package is a directory of files which extend R. Some authors say that R packages are a good way to distribute R code as well as...

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MilanoR meeting: 18th December

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MilanoR staff is happy to announce the next MilanoR meeting. When Thursday, December 18, 2014 from 6 to 8 pm Agenda Welcome Presentation by Nicola Sturaro Consultant at Quantide Shine your Rdata: multi-source approach in media analysis for telco industry by Giorgio Suighi (Head Of Analytics), Carlo Bonini (Data Scientist), Paolo Della Torre and Gianluca D’Innocenzo (ROI Managers), MEC Think different your R data: dplyr by Romain Francois, R Developer, co-author of dplyr Where Fiori Oscuri Bistrot & Bar Via Fiori Oscuri, 3 - Milano (Zona...

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MilanoR meeting is coming

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MilanoR staff is happy to announce the next MilanoR meeting on December 18, 2014. Please stay connected: further details will be published soon!

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Announcing the Publication of R Machine Learning Essentials

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R machine learning essentials will be published soon. The target audience is readers wanting to quickly get familiar with machine learning. The only requirement is knowing a bit about data analysis and/or coding concepts. This book is not just a tutorial. Its target is not teaching how to build very sophisticated machine learning solutions. It doesn't even provide the reader with a detailed description of many techniques. R machine learning essentials is a path full of hands-on examples that makes the reader familiar with the fundamental...

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MilanoR meeting: call for presentations

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MilanoR staff is organizing the next MilanoR meeting. The meeting will be in Milano till mid-December. A typical MilanoR meeting consists of two talks of about 25 minutes to give plenty of room for sharing your R experiences, discussions and exchange of ideas. We are looking volunteers to present at the next meeting. If you feel you have something to input or can recommend someone, please contact admin@milanor.net. MilanoR community grows with every R user...

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"R for Developers" free web-book: leave your opinion

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A week ago, my boss at Quantide, Andrea Spanò, published Ramarro. Ramarro is a free interactive web based book (i.e. a web-book) about advanced R programming. The book would help R users to become proficient R developers. Target of the book are both R users and IT specialists that should deals with R users. The manual covers topics of the Quantide course "R for Developers". Next face-to-face course will be in Milan next week (Oct 16 and 17). We can organize also on line training in English as well as organize the course at your place of...

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Lot of reports with a single click!

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Suppose you want to create a huge number of pdf files through RMarkdown and pandoc, each of them including a statistical analysis on a part of your data, for example on each row of your data frame. You need to write a .R file with cycles from 1 to the number of rows of your data set the instructions contained in a .Rmd file. Suppose that: your data set name is data.csv and its path is datapath/data.csv’’ your .Rmd file name is report.Rmd and its path is basepath/report.Rmd’’ An R code to produce pdf, where is the number of rows of your data...

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Ramarro: "R for Developers" free (web) book

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What is Ramarro? Ramarro is a book about advanced R programming. This book is released as an hyperlink text (i.e. a website), so I called it a web book. Ramarro covers several advanced R topics, such as: environments, functional programming, Object Oriented Programming, parallel computation and so on... Ramarro helps any R user to gain a more in-depth perspective on R programming and to become an R developer. Please, visit www.quantide.com to read Ramarro. R for Developers Ramarro covers topics of the "R for Developers" course. If you are...

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"R for Developers" course - Oct 16-17 @ Milano, Italy

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R for Developers Milano - October 16 and 17, 2014 Course description This two-day course provides an overview of several advanced R topics, such as: R environments, object oriented programming, functional programming and debugging. Who should attend this course Anyone who is already using R and willing to gain a more in depth perspective on R programming. Any R user who wants to become an R developer. Course outline How R Works Environments Functions Functional programming Creating R packages Object Oriented Programming Debugging and...

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