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Marco Ghislanzoni

Marco works as internal consultant on Marketing and Sales Effectiveness for a large Dutch Corporation. As a practitioner of Evidenced Based Management, he has a deep passion for smart data analysis and visualization applied to business and uses R on a daily basis. Marco lives between Germany and the Netherlands, but comes often back to Italy. In his free time, he likes to sail and enjoy life with his wife Desiree.

Sales Dashboard in R with qplot and ggplot2 - Part 1

R blog By April 2, 2014 Tags: , , , No Comments

In a previous post on my personal blog about creating Pivot Tables in R with melt and cast we covered a simple way to generate sales reports and summary tables from a data set consisting of orders. It is often said that a picture is worth 1000 words, so in this series of posts we will focus on how to create visual representations and summaries of the same data.

Our graphical library of choice for the job will be ggplot2 (what else?), even though we are mostly going to use it in its simplest format, which is through qplot. I have written other posts on ggplot2 which you may want to also read.