As written by my colleague Nicola in the post of day 1, yesterday evening I had some beers with some guys of the conference. After having seen the sunrise, I went to sleep at 3 AM, but anyway this morning I was ready for the second day of the useR!

After a keynote session by Di Cook on the main interactive plotting methods which have been used with S and R in the last twenty years, I attended the Regression session, where I saw two interesting developments of LMMs and GLMMs besides other specific topics. Nicola, instead, went to Commercial Offerings session and got in touch with several R's implementations for business.

In the afternoon I went to Teaching 1 session, which talked about tips and hints for effective lectures with R. In particular I found very interesting Manipulation of Discrete Random Variables in R with DiscreteRV by Eric Hare, who proposes a package to explain random variables in R in a very comprehensible way. Nicola went to Visualization 1 session and he found very interesting for his work tmap: creating thematic maps in a flexible way by Martijn Tennekes.

Tonight there will be the useR Conference Dinner. The dinner will take place in Rold Forest, the second largest forest in Denmark. This morning we were not supposed to participate at this event but... a kind guy left the conference in advance and gave me its ticket for free. Quantide bought the ticket also for my colleague and as a consequence we will be also able to participate to competitive games, such as long sawings, axe hurling and archery during the dinner!My last oral session I attended at this useR! was Machine Learning 2 where I found Machine Learning for Internal Product Measurements by Douglas Mason the most interesting speaking. Nicola went to Training 2 session and he was hit by Gail Potter speaking about Web Applications Teaching Tools for Statistics Using Shiny and R.The afternoon keynote speaker was Susan Holmes who dealt with human microbiome data.

If we don't miss the bus for coming back at 11 PM, tomorrow we will still be here at useR and will share our experience with you. See you tomorrow with Chronicles from useR!

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