I survived to the Conference Dinner and I took the last bus (you should have participated at useR or read the post of day 2 to understand...), and this morning I woke up in Aalborg for the third (and last) time.

After a keynote session by Thomas Lumley on How flexible computing expands what an individual can do, my colleague Enrico and I attended the Sponsor Session. This was one of the most interesting sessions of the conference, because they showed us a lot of tools for using R in business environments. The only Diamond Sponsor was DataRobot, whose platform focuses on modeling and prediction. Then it was the Platinum Sponsors' turn: RStudio talked about its several tools (IDE, Shiny, R packages, shinyapps.io), Teradata showed how they integrate R on its platform for big data, while Revolution Analytics is actually a division of Microsoft and their presentation concentrated on Azure. Finally, Gold Sponsors had their ten minutes each: Alteryx showed its data pipelining engine and a visual programming framework, TIBCO introduced TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR), H2O illustrated its platform for model guessing, while HP introduced HP Distributed R.

After the last keynote speaking by Steffen Lauritzen on Linear estimating equations for Gaussian graphical models with symmetry, the conference ended with a goodbye to next year in Stanford, California, USA.

Now, Enrico and I are waiting for the bus which will take us to the airport. This night we will arrive to our houses and on Monday we will resume our work in Quantide, but Chronicles from useR! doesn't stop here... Next weeks, Enrico and I will publish some great new articles, including photos, funniest moments and curiosities, in-depth analysis on R topics and so on...

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