Efficient Data Manipulation with R is our second course of the Fall Term. It will take place on October 17-18 in Legnano (Milan).

This class will be a good fit for you if you have a working knowledge of R, and you usually handle with data and databases.

You will learn to organize your data manipulation tasks in a standard and clear way, write clean and efficient code, and build reproducible data management processes, using the most modern R tools: tidyr, dplyr and lubridate packages.


data manipulation

Data manipulation in a data flow

  • Tidying data with tidyr
  • The fundamental verbs of data manipulation: select, filter, arrange, mutate and summarize
  • Group-wise calculations
  • Date handling with lubridate
  • Joining tables
  • Chain operators
  • Do as generic data manipulation tool
  • Programming with dplyr and tidyr: NSE vs SE
  • Working with backend databases



The course is open to max 6 attendees: FAQ, detailed program and tickets here.

Data Manipulation is organized by the R training and consulting company Quantide and it is taught in Italian.

All the course materials are in English.

If you want to know more about Quantide, check out Quantide's website.


Legnano is about 30 min by train from Milano. Trains from Milano to Legnano are scheduled every 30 minutes, and Quantide premises are 3 walking minutes from Legnano train station.


Other R courses | Autumn term

October 25-26: Statistical Models with R. Develop a wide variety of statistical models with R, from the simplest Linear Regression to the most sophisticated GLM models. Reserve now

November 7-8: Data Mining with R. Find patterns in large data sets using the R tools for Dimensionality Reduction, Clustering, Classification and Prediction. Reserve now

November 15-16: R for Developers. Move forward from being a R user to become a R developer. Discover the R working mechanisms and master your R programming skills. Reserve now

For further information contact us at training[at]quantide[dot]com

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