A big announcement: eRum2020 becomes an online-only virtual conference! Just a couple of months ago we opened the conference's submissions, but a lot happened in these two months. The Organizing Committee received more than 200 awesome contributed sessions. The Program Committee worked seamlessly on the selection and ranking. Finally we were able to set up a terrific program. (You can already have a look at it here).

As you all know, in the meanwhile the COVID-19 emergency exploded, and fiercely in Northern Italy from where we write. COVID-19 is affecting our lives and eRum2020 is no exception. The Organizing Committee has been working very hard to come up with possible solutions, and in such an uncertain time it had to adapt - quickly - to the mutating situation and uncertain context.

All this considered, and not withouth heavy poundering, the eRum2020 Organizing Committee decided to turn the event into a fully virtual remote conference. At eRum2020 and MilanoR we believe a virtual conference is the most responsible choice for all members of the community, putting the health and safety of all participants in the first place. This means a worthy extra effort for us but it would make eRum2020 the first fully virtual R conference for hundreds of participants. Wish us all good luck!

eRum2020 becomes e-Rum2020, and it will be free.

Other pieces of news on this line. First, the virtual conference days have been sceduled for 17th-20th June 2020, a bit later than originally planned. Second, the conference will be a free event and people who have already purchased a ticket may ask for a full refund (more info will follow, and please refer to eRum2020 website for updates). Finally, we are planning to release quite a bit of online R-related content to stay close to the awesome community gathered around the conference during these last few months. We are frantically working to make our conference happen, even if in an unexpected format. We really hope you will appreciate it and we are quite sure you will enjoy it.

While details are being sorted out, stay safe and keep updated through the conference website (more exciting news to come).
See you online at e-Rum2020, the european R users e-meeting, directly in your living room!


Header image credit: Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik
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