Hi R-Lovers!

It was great to meet you on our last event, we hope you felt the same!

For those of you who couldn't make it, here's a brief resume of what we talked about.

From Data to insights: an overview

What’s the real value of a data product?
Can Design and Development walk hand in hand to create better experiences?

Thanks to our speakers and their enthusiasm, we exposed the key elements to make successful and useful data products, filling the gap between Data Analysis, App Development and User Experience.

“From numbers to stories” - Pietro Spagnolo

Data is an essential starting point for developing new ways of storytelling: deeper stories help you discover something new and lighter stories can show you something you’d never thought of. Mashing up Chemical Brothers video, Data-driven online platforms and a good old-school advertising showreel, Pietro guided us on a journey to understand the importance of creating products that matter.

“Share your R development: the example of SmaRP, Smart Retirement Planning” - Francesca Vitalini

Smart Retirement Planning (SmaRP) is an initiative of Mirai Solutions designed to guide people working in Switzerland towards a strategic decision-making process for their retirement. Using SmaRP as an example, Francesca highlighted how to structure a web app in R, how to extend the R Shiny framework for a nicer graphic interface, and the bonus benefits they were able to provide to internal users (who will maintain the app) and end users (who will access the app).

You can check Francesca's app here.

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