The registrations to e-Rum2020 virtual conference is open, you can get your ticket now. e-Rum2020 is a 4 days conference to bring the R users community together. Come to exchange experiences, broaden knowledge of R and collaborate.

You can get your (free) ticket registering here. If you are interested in supporting our organization and its activities to promote R you can also purchase a free ticket with an open donation. The funds raised through donations will be used to support the MilanoR association and the organisation of events like e-Rum2020 and their related activities.

The conference ticket comprises:

  • participation to ALL conference sessions on June 17th until June 19th
  • access to Sponsors Booths and Networking Sessions available during the conference
  • access to Recruiting Sessions during the conference.

We have Workshops tickets too! They comprise:

  • participation to a morning workshop and an afternoon workshop on June 20th;
  • access to Sponsors Booths and Networking Sessions available during the conference.

The CovidR pre-conference event (separate ticket)

CovidR is an open-source contest and pre-conference event launched by e-Rum2020, featuring R work on the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, collected in the CovidR Gallery.

Selected contributions will be presented to the community at the event on May 29th, where the CovidR contest winner(s) will be announced and awarded. Attendance to the event is free of charge and open to everyone interested in seeing what interesting and novel ideas the community has come up with, as well as discussing them with the authors. Registration is necessary and it's open till Friday 22nd, so hurry up and get your free ticket here. The community will also be invited to vote for contributions ahead of and during the event.

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