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Our friend Stefan has been participating in MilanoR since the beginning, and was one of the people who started using R intensively after the "Introduction to R" Quantide course. Since he is from Belgrade (Serbia), and takes part in the activities of the Belgrade R community, there is an interesting R event/conference which will take place in Belgrade in June, which he would like to share with us.

Having in mind that the MilanoR group is a group of all R users of Milan, we are always open to publish news that could be interesting for our users. It is enough to contact the webmaster.


"Programming with R" course in Milano (Italy) on January 30-31

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Course description
This two-day course provides an overview of several advanced R topics, such as: R environments, object oriented programming, functional programming and debugging.

Who should attend this course
Anyone who is already using R and willing to gain a more in depth perspective on R programming.


Il mio primo... plot (.ly): grafici interattivi con Plotly

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Cari appassionati di R,
ho scoperto Plotly alcuni giorni fa, e sono rimasto colpito da questo strumento.

Cos'è Plotly?
Plotly è un servizio per la creazione e la condivisione di "data visualization" che offre anche uno strumento per svolgere analisi statistice. Inoltre offre API, la possibilità di disegnare funzioni personalizzate e una shell Python integrata. Tra le API, c'è anche quella per R: le visualizzazione interattive offerte da Plotly possono essere create direttamente in R.


My first... plot (.ly): beautiful plots with Plotly

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Questo articolo può essere letto anche in italiano

Dear R-enthusiastic,
I discovered Plotly some days ago, and I was fascinated by it.

What is Plotly?
Plotly is a service for creating and sharing data visualizations that also offers statistical analysis tools plus a robust API, the ability to graph custom functions and a built-in Python shell. Among its APIs, there is the R one: Plotly interactive visualization can be created directly from R.