The R user point-of-view about "Statistics Without the Agonizing Pain"

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Contrary to general expectations, or at least to my expectations, the logical and analytical concepts behind statistics are rather difficult to understand by engineers. In general, despite their heavy background in maths and their above average fluency with computer programming, there seems to be a broken bridge with the statistical world and often they prefer to stay in the safe "math bank" of the river, despite the road to statistical fluency is shorter than they think.


R Package or Library

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In these days, I was talking about an R package I developed with a colleague. He used several times the word library to refer to the R package. So, I realized that many R users do not know that package and library are not synonymous when referring to R.

The "Writing R Extensions" manual is clear: "A package is not a library", although the same manual admits "this is a persistent mis-usage".


MilanoR meeting: call for presentations

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MilanoR staff is organizing the next MilanoR meeting.

The meeting will be in Milano till mid-December. A typical MilanoR meeting consists of two talks of about 25 minutes to give plenty of room for sharing your R experiences, discussions and exchange of ideas.

We are looking volunteers to present at the next meeting. If you feel you have something to input or can recommend someone, please contact

MilanoR community grows with every R user contribute!


"R for Developers" free web-book: leave your opinion

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A week ago, my boss at Quantide, Andrea Spanò, published Ramarro. Ramarro is a free interactive web based book (i.e. a web-book) about advanced R programming. The book would help R users to become proficient R developers. Target of the book are both R users and IT specialists that should deals with R users.


Ramarro: "R for Developers" free (web) book

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What is Ramarro?

Ramarro is a book about advanced R programming. This book is released as an hyperlink text (i.e. a website), so I called it a web book.

Ramarro covers several advanced R topics, such as: environments, functional programming, Object Oriented Programming, parallel computation and so on...

Ramarro helps any R user to gain a more in-depth perspective on R programming and to become an R developer.

Please, visit to read Ramarro.