Course description
This two-day course provides an overview of several advanced R topics, such as: R environments, object oriented programming, functional programming and debugging.

Who should attend this course
Anyone who is already using R and willing to gain a more in depth perspective on R programming.

Course outline
R programming tools
Environments in R
The engine behind R
Inside R functions
Closures in R: function factories
Vectorized computation: loops
Functionals in R: the lapply family function
Debugging in R
Profiling in R
Object oriented programming
Creating R packages
Reproducible Research with Sweave or Markdown

Course language
Course will be held in Italian. Course material will be in English.

Course material
The course material in electronic format will be provided during the course.

Course price
Commercial: 680.00 €
Academic / No-Profits: 530.00 €
VAT exclusive prices. Prices include coffee breaks and lunches.

15% discount for subscription earlier than January 10, 2014.

Course time
January 30-31, 2014 from 9.00 to 17.30.

Course location
Hotel Michelangelo; Via Scarlatti, 33; Milano (near Central Railway Station)

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