r for data science

Hi everyone,

Do you want to know more about R, get hands-on experience and build your first Data Science project?

Free up your schedule and save this date, 13th May!

R for Data Science in a Day

A 1-day long workshop during which you'll learn the basics of R language, so you'll feel confident and ready to approach different Data Science projects.

Furthermore, we'll show you how to use R inside some of the most interesting applications of the Microsoft data platform:  Azure Machine Learning Studio and SQL Server.


Registration and Welcome
09.30  13.00 Introduction to Data Manipulation in R with dplyr

  • A bit of R history and online resources
  • R and R-Studio installation and configuration
  • Your first R session
  • Your first R markdown document
  • R objects: data and functions
  • Data import from external sources
  • Data manipulation with tidyverse
13.00  14.00 Networking Lunch


Application of Machine Learning problems using R on platforms made available by Microsoft

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Using R code in Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Introduction to Advanced Analytics in SQL Server
  • Predictive modeling in SQL Server using R code
17.30  18.00 Q&A and Closure of the session



  • A basic knowledge of T-SQL programming on SQL Server is advised for a successful learning
  • To execute the code showed during the session you'll need to install:
    • RStudio Desktop
    • Microsoft R Open
    • SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition with the In-database R Services options (choose only R, not Python)

More about our speakers

  • Andrea Spanò, Andrea Melloncelli e Mariachiara Fortuna – Quantide
  • Luca Zavarella - SolidQ

What's the price?

The event is free and open to everybody. Due to logistic reasons, the meeting is open to max 70 participants, and registration is needed.

Where do i sign up for the event?

You can signup on this event page, we can't wait to meet you!

Where is it?

Microsoft House Italia, Viale Pasubio 21, Milan. The venue is near Moscova M2 underground station and Porta Garibaldi railway station.

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